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Jl Kendangsari Blok P No 11 Rt 001/rw 002 Kelurahan Kendangsari, Kecamatan Tenggilis, Mejoyo. Surabaya, Indonesia 60292, Indonesia

Contact Number Manager : 6281217011100 / 6281399080803
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Cooking Presenter
Specialising in Indonesian, Asian, European, Fusion
Dynamic, Creative, Results-Oriented, Easy Going

More than nine years of professional cooking and kitchen management experience. Having extensive experiences in broadcast cooking show for seven years.
Professional TV Experiences
  1. PAY TV – Thailand (Menu and Venue Thai subtitle) :  2011-Present
  2. Menu and Venue Metro TV (Host Menu and Venue) : 2011-Present
  3. Asian Food Channel Singapore (Co-host Icip Icip, TV 3 Production, Malaysia) : 2009
  4. Trans TV – Indonesia (Host Harmoni Alam, Cooking Outdoor &Adventure) : 2008
  5. Trans7 – Indonesia (Guest Star, Comedy Sitcom-OKB) : 2008
  6. Trans7 – Indonesia (Guest Star, 4 Mata-Talk Show with Mr.Tukul Arwana) : 2008
  7. Indosiar – Indonesia (Guest Star, Cooking Show with Bango Nusantara Citra) : 2008
  8. TV One – Indonesia (Host in cooking segment, Ngobrol-Talk Show) : 2008
  9. ANTV – Indonesia (Host in cooking segment, CasCisCus-Talk Show) : 2008
  10. TV 3, Malaysia (Co-host, Icip Icip Cooking Show) : 2007-2008
  11. Global TV, Jakarta (Host, Selebriti Masak?, Reality Cooking Show with Indonesian Celebrities) : 2006-2007
  12. Garuda TV – The Netherlands (Sendok Garpu) : 2005-2006
  13. JAKTV – Indonesia (Host, Sendok Garpu, Cooking Show with various artists, actor/actress, professionals/executives) : 2005
  14. ANTV – Indonesia (Host/Producer, Foodtastic, Cooking Show)
  15. SCTV – Indonesia (Co-Host, SatuHari Special, Reality Cooking Show)
  16. Trans TV – Indonesia (Guest Star for 2 episodes, Dorce Show-Talk show)
Media Coverage

A. Magazine/Print

  1. Femina, Weekly Women Magazine, Indonesia
    Chef Haryo’s Profile and his cooking show
    Chef Haryo and Family Profile
    Man of The Month: The art of cooking
  2. Fit, Weekly Men & Women Magazine, Indonesia
    Chef Haryo Profile, Recipe Contributor
  3. Nakita, Weekly Family Tabloid, Indonesia
    Front Cover, Recipe Contributor and Chef Haryo and family profile
  4. Cosmo Men, Weekly Men & Women Magazine, Indonesia
    Recipe Contributor for “Danger Men Cooking!”, Chef Haryo’s Profile
  5. Mom & Kiddie, Weekly Women Tabloid, Indonesia
    Recipe Contributor, Chef Haryo’s Profile
  6. Info Kuliner, Weekly Culinary Tabloid, Indonesia
    Front Cover, Chef Haryo’s Profile and Recipe Contributor
  7. Koran SINDO, Daily Newspaper, Indonesia
    Chef’s Haryo’s Profile
  8. Ayahbunda, Weekly Women Magazine, Indonesia
    Chef Haryo Family Profile
  9. Nova, Weekly Women Tabloid, Indonesia
    Chef’Haryo’s Profile : The Tragedy of garlic and ice cream
  10. Chic, Weekly Women Magazine, Indonesia
    Chef Haryo ‘s Profile: Yummy Chef
  11. SEDAP, Weekly Culinary Magazine
    Chef Haryo’s Profile and Recipe Contributor
  12. Paras, Monthly Magazine
    Recipe Contributor, Chef’s Haryo’s Profile

B. Radio

  1. I-Radio, Live Interview
  2. Hard Rock FM, Live Interview
  3. Trax FM, Live Interview
  4. Cosmo FM, Live Interview
Off Air
  1. Food Diplomacy For Indonesian Ministry Of Foreign Affair, Santiago Chile, South Of America
  2. Series of Cooking show with Kraft
  3. Series of Cooking show with Dancow
  4. Series of Cooking show with Tupperware
  5. Ranch Market cooking class
  6. Cooking Show in Thailand with Kecap ABC
  7. Series of Cooking show with Indomie
  8. BBQ Catering  for various events
  9. Series Talkshow & Cooking Demo on healthy living with The True!vents Management
Professional Career Experiences
  1. F & B Consultant for various type of up-scale restaurants : Present
  2. Owner Restaurant “Anak Babe” ,Out Door Food Court & Outside Catering “Sendok Garpu” : Present
  3. Chef de cuisine (Custom Cuisine Ltd, London-Ontario Canada ) : 2004-2005
  4. Floor Supervisor (Christian Living Campus, Denver-Colorado, America) : 2002-2003
  5. Chef de partie (Best Western Hotel Denver Colorado) : 2001-2002
  6. Chef de partie (Hyatt Metro, Denver Colorado) : 2000-2001
  7. Cook (Flaming Wok Chinese Restaurant Lansing, America) : 2000-2001
  8. Manager In Development (Registry Resort Florida, America) : 2000-2001
  9. Manager In Training (Indrapura Restaurant, Amsterdam) : 1999-2000
  10. Assistant Executive Chef (Spanish Tapas Bar EL NINO Amsterdam) : 1999-2000
  11. Chef (Toko Ben Hilversum Netherlands) : 1999-2000
  12. Cook (Toscana Restaurant, Authentic Italian Cuisine, Jakarta) : 1998-1999
Areas of Expertise
  1. Experience Cooking Outdoor
  2. Making Delicate Simple Cuisine
  3. Creative Cooking Approached
  4. F & B Consultant
Education & Qualifications

ChristlijkeHooge school Noord Nederland, Leuwarden
Graduate: Diploma IV in Hotel & Restaurant Management

Akademi Pariwisata Trisakti, Indonesia
Graduate: Diploma III in Hotel Managemen

Personal Information

Date of Birth : 8th March 1975
Status : Married
Interest : Cooking, Music, Chopper Dice Motor cycle, Photography, Film, Surfing, Healthy Life Style
Religion : Moslem